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The Danakil Depression tour is one of the most spectacular trips in the world. This depression has its origin in the rifting process which formed the Red Sea and the African Rift Valley. It contains the only permanently active volcano in the world,

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The tour program can be modified, differently rearranged, combined with other itineraries and shorten or extended to suit your interest, time, and budget. Please contact us for further details.

You’ll start your Ethiopian adventure with a tour of the nation’s capital.

Your Addis Ababa tour will include a visit to the National Museum as well as the historic Trinity Cathedral to soak in the nation’s fascinating Christian history.

Another highlight of your day is sure to be the chance to take in the city from atop Mount Entoto.

You’ll then overnight in the capital.

You’ll set off after breakfast and make your way to he airport for your flight to Mekele.

Upon arrival, you’ll set off towards the village of Hamed Ela, stopping along the way to visit the historic Wukro Kirkos Church and enjoy lunch in the village.

You’ll then overnight in Hamed Ela.

You’ll have an early start today, as we’ll be be descending to the lowest point in the Danakil Depression – Dallol.

With its uniquely colourful volcanic terrain and its ridiculously high temperatures, Dallol is known around the world as the ‘hottest inhabited place on the planet’. After a little time here, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Your time in Dallol includes a visit to the grueling local salt mines and a chance to watch the camel caravans of the Afar people who live in this inhospitable place.

You’ll return to the relative cool of Hamed Ela to overnight.

It’s another day of volcanic adventures today, as you’ll drive to Dodom at the foot of the Erta Ale (Smoking Mountain) volcano.

You’ll ditch the car and begin the three hour trek up the volcano in the early hours so that you can appreciate its spectacular lava lake before the day is too hot.

In a real treat, you’ll enjoy dinner and a night on the very rim of this volcano.

You’ll have another early start today, as you’ll descend back to Dodom village to meet your car and begin the drive to Wukro.

Along the way, you’ll pay a visit to the famous rock-hewn churches of Tigray. While not as famous as the churches of Lalibela, the Tigray churches are nonetheless impressive specimens that you’ll have time to explore.

You’ll then overnight in the village of Wukro.

You’ll make your way back to Mekele after breakfast for your flight back to Addis Ababa.

Upon arrival, you’ll proceed for a city tour to local landmarks such as the Ba’ata Mariam and St. George’s churches. You’ll also have some time to do some souvenir shopping.

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